How To Create The Best IT Resume for Top Tech Companies like Google

Whether we are in a 1:1 appointment or covering resumes in our career course, NexGenT’s Career Service team is consistently talking about adapting to the twenty-first century of IT hiring trends and the way you are being viewed as an applicant.  

Resumes are no longer a 1-2 page document that shows what job you had and what you were tasked to do. Nowadays, and especially in a digital era, you are required to show what job you had and demonstrate through your resume how well you did in your job through your bulleted list of experiences. An IT recruiter should be able to envision you in your role with the bulleted experiences you provide.

What are IT recruiters looking for in your resume? Recruiters look for goal-driven, result-oriented information that has technical and IT industry-specific terminology embedded throughout your resume that is directly related to the job description. 

No former IT experience?

Not a problem at all! Soft skills such as teamwork, time management, and customer service skills go a long way. These transferable skills coupled with your NexGenT program experience through IT projects and earned IT certifications will make you an ideal candidate for many opportunities in the IT job market.

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“I love working with students that have different backgrounds, especially non-IT related. Most of the time, students do not realize how much of their previous experience has to offer a future employer. It is all about putting things into perspective, gaining confidence in yourself and stop all the worrying about how IT hiring managers are going to view you before you even apply to the job.” – Michael LaMarche, NexGenT Career Success Coach

Google’s IT Resume Recommendations

While in a constant search of the best Career Service resources for our NexGenT students to gain employment to highly coveted IT positions at technology companies like Google, we found a fantastic video from Google recruiters. The video gives tips and advice about what IT recruiters look for in your resume. 

Did you realize that companies like Google created resources to help candidates apply? It is more common than you think! It is actually to a company’s advantage to give candidates a leg up in the race in applying for IT opportunities. Good recruiters and other IT recruiters at top technology companies know there are talented individuals like yourself out there, and they want to be able to find you. At the end of the day, IT recruiters want to do everything they can to strengthen their IT job applicant pools, so it is to your advantage to utilize these company application tips and resources!

The Google recruiters cover the same information and advice that we teach you here at NexGenT. Our career services team has worked with top-level companies and know what companies like Google look for in IT job applicants. This is why we designed NexGenT’s career course and coaching methodologies the way we have. In order for you to be successful in gaining a job in IT, it is important for you to understand how you are being viewed by an employer.

Instead of going through mental gymnastics and the process of worrying about how you are being viewed by an IT recruiter, take a moment and learn about what IT recruiters are actually looking for.

Top Technology Companies IT Resume Tips

Don’t have time to watch the video? Below are some of the tips and advice to help a resume stand out for any IT job or internship at Google.

The IT Google recruiters emphasize the importance of using simple and consistent design, font, sizing, and spacing. Your presentation is everything! Most importantly, have strong bullet points and always avoid paragraphs.

Anatomy of a Resume from NexGenT’s Career Services Guide

Regarding the essential “need to know” information, it is important that your education and technology summary is at the top of your IT resume and your experience should take up the majority of your resume. Google has a specific bullet point framework that they look for. Here is a quick example “Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]”

If you are interested in seeing what other top technology companies, like Amazon, look for in their IT job applicants, you can take a look at an interview we did with Anthony Nguyen, a Cybersecurity Solutions Architect at Amazon. In that video interview and blog, he shares his tips to break into cybersecurity as well as Amazon’s top tips for IT job applicants.

In conclusion, it is important to always do your research to understand exactly what companies look for in IT job applicants. Do not just be another IT applicant. Going the extra mile always gets noticed!


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