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Daniel Adams | From forklift operator to IT Support Technician | People of Zero To Engineer

Daniel Adams came from a position as a forklift operator for a chain manufacturing company. About a year and a half into his warehouse career, he was thinking about a change. 

He realized his passions lie elsewhere and this job was not one he wanted to do the rest of his life. With encouragement from friends, he decided to get back into IT. He had studied IT in high school — it felt like coming back to an old friend he says. He came across NexGenT online while we were hosting a Network Plus course and decided that was his moment to take his first shot at getting his foot in the door. 

He blew through phase one of the program in a month and landed a new position job before he’d even finished his program! He had been combing through job listings, almost casually, when he decided to throw his hat in the ring.

He was shocked when he got a call back.

“They set me up for a phone interview. They drilled me on basic IT questions, and they called me back about a half-hour after we’d finished scheduling the next stage.” 

He got the offer the same day as his second interview — he was the 6th person they interviewed that day but they were so impressed by his detailed answers that they knew they had found their guy, hands down. 

Daniel stepped into the role of IT Support Technician with a pay increase of $17.50 an hour — quite a few notches above his previous employment. 


Daniel sees a huge potential for growth in his new position, with lots of paths to explore and lot’s to learn.


As he continued to work through the program, he was blown away by how concepts were explained and broken down. Particularly when it came to subnetting which was a real breakthrough for him — he had struggled to understand subnetting since highschool. “I’m able to calculate on the fly now!” said Daniel regarding his progress.


NexGenT is designed to get you IT experience without a degree, right when you need it. We’re with you every step of the way. 


Through diligence and the willingness to break out of the norm, you can earn a future that brings you true fulfillment. That potential shines even brighter through the community and the accountability that comes with joining the NexGenT family. We are confident that the tools we have to offer can take anyone from zero to engineer if they are put into action. 


We don’t just want you to make money — we hope that you’ll wake up every morning full of energy and purpose, enthusiasm for your work, and a pension of intentional living. And, yes, to make a good salary while doing so. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other.


“Thanks to NexGenT, I was able to land my first IT job,” says Daniel. 


If you’ve been itching for a change like Daniel, but are concerned you don’t have the right resume to get you in the rooms you want to be in, we’d love to hear from you and talk you through your options. Apply to one of our programs today!




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