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Juan Fernandez | People of Zero To Engineer

Juan Fernandez was tired of the same old routines. After working over 6 years in retail security as an Asset Protections Manager and being on call 24/7, he was burnt out and bored.

Sometimes, that feeling is all it takes to change your life.

He was scrolling through Instagram and saw a NexGenT ad for a CompTIA Network plus course on a great deal, “Why not?” He thought. 

From the mini-course, he was introduced to the Zero to Engineer program and learned more about what was included. It offered the kind of flexibility he needed because of his full-time hours as a manager. He was able to work on his labs, homework, and research in the wee hours of the night and go at his own pace. 

“Jacob was doing such a great job explaining topics throughout the course, it just made sense.” Says Juan. 

He was motivated greatly by the NexGenT community, the support, and the way everyone drives each other forward. 

We love to help our students paint a picture of what’s waiting at the end of the tunnel — something they can hold onto when it gets tough or when it feels never-ending. We remind them what they’re fighting for. We help them find their cornerstone, their driving force. For Juan, the weekly calls were a huge help. It kept him going. Those reminders gave him something to shoot for among the workload.

He began to apply to every job that interested him. By the time Juan found his new position through LinkedIn, he was more than ready to take on the challenge. “I run into people who have spent 4 years in school, and have spent so much time in between books, they don’t even remember what the devices look like,” claims Juan, “Coming from the program, I’ve touched equipment, removed equipment, set it up,” he continues, “I’m not scared to go in and touch the equipment. It’s not foreign to me.” 

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Juan was promoted to Systems Project Manager a mere 2 months into his new role, with a sizable pay increase, and a whole lot more growing to do. 

He gets to find his own answers in his new role. He’s the only IT guy on the team, so it’s up to him to figure things out and get it done. He enjoys what he does every day immensely. 

“There’s nothing wrong with taking one step backward to take three steps forward. Nothing wrong with taking a break, regrouping, re-assessing, and then moving up.” Juan reflects on his career change.

He sees a lot of change coming up for him, and the next step is right around the corner.  

Juan is lit up about his experience with NexGenT and encourages others to take the leap.

“You get the best support system, up-to-date content, and hands-on experience that is more valuable than any books or reading material you can get.”

He’s no longer on call 24/7 for work. He knows when his day is going to end. He can have a life. He’s free to plan, grow, and thrive.

“Thanks to NexGenT, I get to enjoy what I do and level up my career,” says Juan. 

If any part of Juan’s story resonates with you, don’t hesitate to reach out. There’s a chance that you could seize the same freedom that Juan has earned, and we’re more than happy to help you get there. It’s what we do best!

Check out the programs we offer and fill out a quick application to join our live instructor-led cohorts today.




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