NexGenT Welcomes Vamsee Kandimalla, Instructor and Mentor

Vamsee is a seasoned rockstar engineer who comes to NexGenT with a wide variety of experience in different sectors such as defense, consumer electronics, and automotive. Vamsee has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of California and an MS focused on Embedded Systems from Carnegie Mellon.

Vamsee started his career off as a Cybersecurity Research Engineer at Lockheed Martin and developed security products related to big data and biometrics. He made the move to Ford Motors and became a Cybersecurity Architect once they established an autonomous vehicle division. While working there, he managed a wide portfolio of products and research such as adversarial artificial intelligence. Working on cutting edge technology allowed him to also act as a consultant for VC’s to help fund and shape future technology in this sector.

While working in these different roles he noticed the large skills gap that corporations were facing and how tough it is to find security engineers. Please join us in welcoming Vamsee as our new Cyber Security Architect where he will define and grow our new Cyber Security program to help create a new generation of security professionals.

Welcome Vamsee! We are extremely excited to be working and collaborating with you!


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