FSNA Bootcamp #8

Congratulations to all of our new FSNA Certified students!

#33 Anthony Rangel, Awarded August 9, 2019:
Anthony is a sponge in the classroom. He used his week at FSNA Bootcamp to soak up as much information as possible. Since he already has a job in the IT industry, he picked up the basics quickly and was always trying to dig deeper. Anthony spent any extra time he had trying to help his fellow students. He completed his FSNA SQC in 40 minutes, which was AWESOME! Anthony definitely embodies the characteristics of a Rockstar Engineer and NexGenT was happy to award him with the FSNA Certification.

#34 Jacob Medina, Awarded August 9, 2019:
Jacob is full of hustle and works hard at everything he does. He already has his own business working hard to provide expert connectivity. While he has mastered layer one his goal is to add the Full Stack to his portfolio of skills. With his tireless effort during FSNA Bootcamp he was able to show he is a Rockstar Engineer and he proved he belongs in the IT industry. He put forth maximum effort to achieve his FSNA Certification, so please congratulate him with the rest of the NexGenT Team.

#35 Susan Amos, Awarded August 9, 2019:
Susan is calculated and focus. She took note of everything that was required during the FSNA Bootcamp. She didn’t want to just complete the FSNA she wanted to fully understand it and be able to replicate her knowledge in the field. Even when things got difficult during her SQC, she did not fall apart, she took a deep breath, got back into her notes and figured out what was wrong. A Rockstar Engineer never quits, and Susan showed she is one as she completed her SQC and earned her FSNA Certification. Join the NexGenT team in congratulating her on this achievement.



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