NexGenT Welcomes Christian Ryan, Career Success Coach

Christian Ryan, Career Success Coach

Dr. Christian Ryan is a Career Success Coach obsessed with student success. She joins NexGenT with more than 15 years of experience in educational programming and student advising. Her expertise lies in areas of sustainability, environmental science, public problem solving, and social justice. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership. Christian served as the Sustainability Coordinator at Western Kentucky University where she developed a nationally recognized sustainability program. More recently, she coordinated a Corporate Sustainability Roundtable of 34 Nashville businesses, working with them to develop sustainability practices and policies and coaching employee “green teams.”

Christian believes that education should be accessible to every person who seeks to learn and gain the skills and knowledge not just to live, but to thrive. Her mission is to make sure that all types of learners are empowered with the tools, resources, and support that they need to succeed. She wants to make sure that every student’s educational experience leads them to grow and flourish, personally and professionally.

Some of her favorite things include running, hiking, yoga, food, farmers, music, and dogs. She calls both North Carolina and New Orleans home because she cannot choose, and spends time in both places.

About NexGenT Career Service

Our NexGenT Career Service team works with you to develop your job attainment skills. We do this by first analyzing your individual strengths and weaknesses to build a custom career development plan. Your job success is so important that we dedicate a Career Success Coach to meet with you 1:1 to ensure you’re on track to reach your personal goals. Your Career Success Coach works with you to master each career milestone of a professional resume, cover letter, IT or cybersecurity interview preparation, a professional LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, a job and career success plan.

We look forward to helping you level up and achieve your career goals!

If you aren’t already a student, apply for NexGenT’s Full Stack Network Engineer program here or NexGenT’s Cyber Security Specialist program here!


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