NexGenT Celebrates The FSNE 6-19 Cohort Graduation

On the evening of December 15th, we gathered for our virtual graduation ceremony to celebrate the recent success of our Full Stack Network Engineer 6-19-2020 cohort. This was truly an exciting moment for everyone as the cohort members completed the Full Stack Network Engineer (FSNE) program having put in their passion and hard work over 22 weeks to achieve success. The cohort began on June 19th, 2020, and completed with 66 graduates.

Through the program, students learned exactly what it takes to be an effective and successful Network Engineer in today’s workforce. Having most students starting out with no prior experience, their knowledge was built from ground zero where they learned the fundamentals of networking and progressed all the way to planning, designing, and deploying their own multi-site, enterprise-grade networks by the end of the program. The students from this cohort are now in the job hunting phase. Some of which have already landed new IT jobs or landed promotions within their companies.

What’s the program like?

The FSNE program prepares students for the real-world by rigorously vetting their skills and knowledge over 22 weeks and across multiple checkpoints and milestones which include multiple awards. The first award that students must achieve is the Full Stack Network Associate (FSNA) award from NexGenT. To achieve this students must pass a written exam and also deploy a real network on their own which supports routing, switching, wireless networking, voice over IP, and network security. After achieving the FSNA, students then work on obtaining their Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification from Cisco Systems. The goal is for the students to knock out this certification by the 90-day mark before moving into the advanced training aspect of the program. Upon entering advanced training, students immediately begin learning project management skills and working to design and build their first project. Their first project is a very robust 3-site network deployment with a headquarters and two remote offices. Two more projects are then deployed where a Cisco ASA with remote access SSL VPN solution is deployed, followed by a Colo Data Center deployment for redundancy and additional network services.

networking project network engineer nexgent

After planning, designing, implementing, supporting, and finally closing all three of these projects, the student must pass their final skills qualification and troubleshooting check, in order to achieve their Full Stack Network Professional (FSNP) from NexGenT. Throughout the program students also receive career help and have many career-related milestones to accomplish relating to their career plan, resume, and personal branding. After completing all program milestones and capstone projects, the students then move to the job hunting phase where they focus strictly on landing their new job or promotion.

There are currently three other cohorts running who will soon be graduating and celebrating similar success, and our next FSNE cohort launches in February 2021, only a few days from now! To learn more about getting on the path to become a network or systems engineer with robust training, project-based learning, career planning, and real-world skills awards with zero upfront costs, then click here.

FSNA FSNP Full stack engineer Cisco CCNA

Additionally, six special recognition awards we handed out to recognize top performers, most improved, and first to get certified.

Winners of the six Recognition Awards:

Join us in congratulating all of the graduates of the 6-19 cohort!

  1. Aleshia Wingate, FSNA-0199, FSNP-0098
  2. Alex Bass, FSNA-0134
  3. Amadou Diop, FSNA-0186, FSNP-0072
  4. Andres Espinal, FSNA-0180, FSNP-0067
  5. Audrey Garcia, FSNA-0179, FSNP-0096
  6. Bernard Adeniran, FSNA-0119
  7. Brandon Spain, FSNA-0190, FSNP-0097
  8. Chen Bayba, FSNA-0171, FSNP-0070
  9. Chinedu Okonkwo, FSNA-0224, FSNP-0114
  10. Christian Evboumwan, FSNP-0105
  11. Christopher Bell, FSNA-0105, FSNP-0087
  12. Christopher Bettis, FSNA-0192
  13. Christopher Robinson, FSNA-0185
  14. Christopher Sassone, FSNA-0169, FSNP-0071
  15. Cory Bethune, FSNA-0191
  16. Costes Kimes, FSNA-0160, FSNP-0113
  17. Curtis Thomas, FSNA-0182
  18. Daniel Aguirre, FSNA-0153, FSNP-0091
  19. Donte Dillard, FSNA-0221, FSNP-0068
  20. Donte Wilkins, FSNA-0097, CCNA
  21. Dren LaPhayne, FSNA-0159, FSNP-0099
  22. Edward Arroyo, FSNA-0203, FSNP-0094
  23. Einar Galilea, FSNA-0181, CCNA
  24. Felice Marin, FSNA-0177, FSNP-0073
  25. Giovanni Ledesma, FSNA-0227
  26. Jared Dickerson, FSNA-0178, FSNP-0092
  27. Jaron Smith, FSNA-0197, FSNP-0076
  28. Jason Deoraj, FSNA-0150, FSNP-0081
  29. Jason Hoang, FSNP-0086
  30. Jea Sheng Chen Ruan, FSNA-0194, FSNP-0069
  31. Joe Edwards, FSNA-0213, FSNP-0107
  32. Johnny Rosario, FSNA-0149, FSNP-0074
  33. Jordan Derington, FSNA-0187, FSNP-0075
  34. Jose Castillo, FSNA-0163, FSNP-0100
  35. Justin Sanin, FSNA-0161, FSNP-0090
  36. Kay Atre, FSNA-0216
  37. Kyoshi Fish, FSNA-0091, CCNA
  38. Liam Lyne, FSNA-0168, FSNP-0085
  39. Loren Dukes, FSNA-0212, FSNP-0088
  40. Marcus Snelling, FSNA-0196, FSNP-0111
  41. Md Rahman,  FSNA-0147, FSNP-0077, CCNA
  42. Michael King, FSNA-0218
  43. Michael Wright, FSNA-0198, FSNP-0093
  44. Minh Truong, FSNA-0155, FSNP-0078, CCNA
  45. Monalisa Ngono, FSNA-0225
  46. Nichole Atkins, FSNA-0217, FSNP-0110
  47. Noah Davis, FSNA-0184, FSNP-0103
  48. Oluwatosin Bamidele Desalu, FSNA-0170, FSNP-0080, CCNA
  49. Phillip Rozul, FSNA-0154, FSNP-0095
  50. Raghda Hussein, FSNA-0166, FSNP-0082
  51. Rakiya Smith, FSNA-0106, CCNA
  52. Ralph Vetter, FSNA-0193, FSNP-0079
  53. Roberto Buenrostro, FSNA-0301, FSNP-0089
  54. Roderick Mitchell, FSNA-0201
  55. Ronald Boughner, FSNA-0172, FSNP-0109
  56. Sadaris Coulter, FSNA-0183, FSNP-0083
  57. Samantha Horne, FSNA-0219
  58. Sarah Mattson, FSNA-0107
  59. Sergio Maldonado, FSNA-0164, FSNP-0084
  60. Tekia Coryell, FSNA-0157, FSNP-0104
  61. Tim Byland, FSNA-0173, FSNP-0101
  62. Techeramie Finney, FSNA-0117, FSNP-0106
  63. Victor Boyd, FSNA-0214
  64. Victor Roberts, FSNA-0152, FSNP-0102
  65. Xhayni De Mur, FSNA-0174, FSNP-0112
  66. Zari Haraway, FSNA-0211, FSNP-0108

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