FAQ: The Old CCNA vs. The New CCNA

Q: What is the new CCNA, and why is it being implemented?

Answer: Cisco answers these questions here. You can also go through this official Cisco thread to get a more personalized answer and ask questions yourself.

Q: What if I can’t complete both ICND1 and ICND2 within the given deadline? 

Answer: The preparation and knowledge you gained will be useful for the new CCNA 200-301. It will also help with new CCNP tracks.

Q: What if I haven’t yet started preparing for either of the examinations? 

Answer:  The majority of the material studied in ICND1 does translate to the CCNA 200-301 and will help you not to waste time by beginning to learn these concepts now. This, in the long run, will help you prepare for and schedule your new CCNA exam quicker. With diligence, discipline, and hard work it is possible to focus on ICDN1 and knock it out within 30 days to receive a CCENT. There’s nothing wrong with having that cert included on your resume.

Q: What if I have already completed ICND1 and have CCENT certification? 

Answer: If you have completed ICND1, congratulations. You can now clear ICND2 by February 23 and get your CCNA certification. This typically takes about 30 days to prepare, but it had been done quicker if you are ready to hunker down and knock it out.

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Feel free to ask other questions in the comments and we will be happy to answer them so that you can stay informed, prepared, and confident in your journey!


  1. Mildred Cooper

    Will you provide study material for the new CCNA?

    • Mckenna Lee

      Yes. Our new CCNA course is releasing very soon. If you’d like to keep updated, you can subscribe to our blog newsletter to know when this course is available.

  2. CCNA

    you covered up all the points which i searching for & I am impressed by reading this article. Keep writing and sharing educational article like this which can help us to grow our knowledge.

  3. karishma

    Amazing article sir. A great information given by you in this blog. It really informative and very helpful. You have covered all the points related to ccna. Keep posting will be waiting for your next blog.Thank you.


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