NexGenT expands access to its Zero To EngineerTM programs with a $6 million financing deal with Leif

NexGenT started back in 2016 with a mission to change lives through our Zero To EngineerTM programs. Back then, we only offered self-paced Zero To EngineerTM (ZTE) programs to our students. Although our job placement percentages were great for those who completed our training programs, the percentage of completion was not. We wanted to change that. In late 2019, NexGenT decided to offer live instructor-led programs with our first cohort which started in late February 2020.  In addition, to be true to our mission, we also offered our live instructor-led program with our no money down (pay only when you get a job) Income Share Agreement (ISA) to help anyone who is committed to changing her life.

Things were off to a great start, but then COVID-19 hit.

As uncertainty increased, we at NexGenT strategized and projected different scenarios on how our ISA program will be impacted by COVID-19. With the determination and the will to stay committed to helping our students through our ISA program, we had an idea to partner up with our ISA Program Manager, Leif, to find a solution.

After roughly two months of brainstorming and deal making, in May 2020 we were able to roll out $6 million in financing to scale up access to our Zero To EngineerTM programs.  With this $6 million in place, we have been doubling our cohort sizes. At the time of writing, our June 2020 cohort is the largest and most selective cohort to date.

For additional information about what NexGenT has to offer and how you can apply for zero upfront tuition, select one of the buttons below.

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