NexGenT Welcomes Kim Wood, Senior Career Coach


Kim Wood strongly believes if you “choose a job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life”. As someone who has found her passion as a Career Success Coach, Kim strives to help students do the same and support them in achieving their career goals. Kim has experience in career coaching, resume writing, academic support services, and even kindergarten teaching (which she insists is the hardest job she has ever held but is grateful she experienced as it confirmed her passion is indeed to work with adults!).

Kim understands that navigating the job market can be difficult, frustrating, and at times, even terrifying and sees her role as being, not only a coach but equally a cheerleader. Whether reviewing a resume, critiquing a cover letter, conducting a mock interview, sharing networking tips, or bolstering confidence, Kim is passionate about enriching student’s job-seeking skills. She is excited to bring her experience to support NexGenT students in positively transitioning to the next chapter of their lives.

Prior to NexGenT, Kim was the Director of Career Development at the School of Information at the University of Texas at Austin. Kim comes to NexGenT with over 14 years of experience in career coaching and academic support. Kim also has experience as a freelance resume writer for Randstad RiseSmart and Talent, Inc. Kim received her MA in Career Education, Information, and Guidance in Higher Education from the University of Warwick in the UK.

When she is not career coaching, Kim is a huge fan of Marie Kondo and implementing the KonMari Method and can be found organizing drawers, closets, and rooms, in not only her own home but those of her friends and neighbors too! Some of her other hobbies include hiking, baking, cooking, trying new foods, spending time with her partner Mike, and attempting to train (unsuccessfully so far!) her rather rambunctious boxer dog named Bowzer!

About NexGenT Career Service

Our NexGenT Career Service team works with you to develop your job attainment skills. We do this by first analyzing your individual strengths and weaknesses to build a custom career development plan. Your job success is so important that we dedicate a Career Success Coach to meet with you 1:1 to ensure you’re on track to reach your personal goals. Your Career Success Coach works with you to master each career milestone of a professional resume, cover letter, IT or cybersecurity interview preparation, a professional LinkedIn profile, and ultimately, a job and career success plan.

We look forward to helping you level up and achieve your career goals!

If you aren’t already a student, apply for NexGenT’s Full Stack Network Engineer program here or NexGenT’s Cyber Security Specialist program here!


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