NexGenT 2019 Year in Review

Wow! As NexGenT closes out another year and ends the decade, we wanted to reflect on what an amazing year 2019 has been. First off, let us take this opportunity to thank all the people in our community that made it such a great year. We also wanted to share with you some of the things that made 2019 so special.

In 2019 we were able to give you exclusive inside access into Cisco Live 19 and even give you a private tour of the network from the Rockstar Engineer that designed it, which was a blast for us. We also gave you a first look at all Cisco Certification changes straight from the Cisco Systems Certifications Product Manager.

As of September 2019 we updated our training schedule to increase our Live Coaching for students. This allowed for Live Coaching every week in every course that we offer. This led to a record-breaking year in course completion for us. Some of those numbers are as follows: 364 Network Engineering Course completions; 36 new CCENTs; and 33 new CCNAs. That is a lot of students Leveling Up and becoming Rockstar Engineers!

We are extremely proud of all the students that were able to get their Full Stack Network Associate (FSNA) certification this year. In addition to hosting our quarterly in-person bootcamp at our San Jose, CA Headquarters, NexGenT launched an FSNA virtual in November which helped an additional 24 students achieve their FSNA in 2019! With the launching of the virtual certification we only expect those certifications to grow in the coming years.

Our team especially focused in on a complete revamp and relaunch of the NexGenT Mentor Network, bringing in leaders in the IT industry from companies like Amazon, Solarwinds and Uber. When you combine that with the NexGenT alumni mentors that joined our Mentor Network, students are now able to get highly experienced insight directly from the field. This leadership and guidance are sure to provide many of our students a look into what being a Rockstar Engineer truly means and will help them on their path to launch their IT career.

The efforts by our Instructors, Mentors and Students led to many students finding job success in 2019, raising the total to 182 job success stories. That is what NexGenT is all about! We want to see lives changed through our training program and with more and more students joining our learning community everyday, we cannot wait to see that number skyrocket to 1000 by the end of next year!

On behalf of the NexGenT Instructors, Developers, Career and Customer Service teams and all members of NexGenT we would personally like to thank you for making 2019 a year to remember. Let’s make 2020 even better!

Please check out the highlight video below.


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