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Nick Harvey was hungry for progress and went on the hunt for a solution. He was looking for a different experience than his 8+ years working the helpdesk in IT—something new, a challenge.

He attempted Udemy courses, but it missed the mark. He wanted an active community to learn and grow in his new pursuits while equipping himself with the tech skills that win jobs. 

He found that and more when he joined the NexGenT family. 

The incentive for completing the NexGenT program was through the roof compared to other course-based options out there. 

“The content is really good. The networking project is I think the primary thing that got me the job.” The Full Stack Networking Project is designed to provide an understanding of a complete HQ/Branch network and the project build-out process. Students learn how to plan, design, and implement their own Full Stack Network with a headquarters location and two branch offices. 

Nick claims the self-led nature of the program, paired with accountability, is what pushed him forward to graduation. “NexGenT and the work that you guys do from the course work, to the actual program you’ve put in place with the lab work, and the career services side – that whole collection of things is what I think allows people to become successful,” he tells us.

Nick has been overwhelmed by the growth potential that comes with his new position. The strong signal that his background as a NexGenT alumnus provides will stay with him wherever he goes.

Nick reflects on how everything he learned in NexGenT, including studying to get his CCNA, is extremely relevant to his new position as a Network Administrator; he uses it every day.

The timing was on his side. When COVID19 would have furloughed his past job, he luckily made a strategic exit and transitioned into his new position when he saw the job listing, right on time. Nick put in the hard work and listened to his instincts, and it altered the path of his life for the better.

In his new position, Nick is earning an extra $20,000 annually compared to his previous. He confirms that investing in himself and furthering his education has made a massive impact on his family’s life and future.

“Everything literally just lined up. And I’m lucky that it did, but NexGenT was a piece of that puzzle. No doubt about it. Hands down.”

His family can thrive, his work is challenging, and his spirits are bright. He’s been able to achieve one of his top career goals right out of the gate — to be able to work from home! The stay-at-home order may have helped with that one a little bit, but the merit still stands.

As for the future? He’s just getting started and has high goals. With the experience from his current employer and his ambition, there’s no doubt he’ll reach them. 

“Thanks to NexGenT, I leveled up from the helpdesk position to a career in networking, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

If you’re looking for a new path like Nick, reach out. We would love to hear from you and discuss your options! We’re standing by to help you pave the road to your new career and a better life. Check out the programs we have to offer and fill out an application today.


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