NexGenT Announces New Employer Partnership with The Department of Veterans Affairs via Booze Allen Hamilton and LeoRose Consulting

Jumpstart your IT or cybersecurity career by applying in 5 minutes or less

We are excited to share with our NexGenT students and graduates a new employment program designed to help facilitate immersive experiential learning. This opportunity includes working full-time on-site as a member of a consulting team dedicated to supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Information Technology (IT) Operations and Network Engineering challenges. NexGenT is able to offer this employment opportunity in partnership with LeoRose Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton, both prominent IT service providers to our national defense, civil and intelligence agencies. 

With COVID-19, the ChooseVA reorganization effort, and the ever-present challenges associated with serving those who have served – now is a great time to be at the VA.

Quick Look at the IT and Cybersecurity Employment Opportunities

  • Employment type: Full-time W2; 40 hours expected
  • Length: 6-12 months with possible full-time employment offer with a company on the VA contract
  • Location: One of the 2000+ VA facilities (no long-distance travel or relocation)
  • When: On a rolling basis, the VA will be opening different job titles at different times. That being said, it is best to submit your application NOW to be considered first for any existing or potential job title that matches your desires and qualifications!
  • Predicted open job titles: Cyber Security Engineer, Program Analyst, Junior Program Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Technician, System Administrator, Senior System Administrator, Systems Engineer, and Junior Systems Engineer
  • Number of open positions: Unsure at this time, it could be up to hundreds if we have the qualifying students to fill the positions!
  • How to apply: Anyone can apply using this quick application form

What would I be doing?

Throughout the program, candidates will work full-time (40 hours expected) with members of the 15 servicing companies as well as VA military & civilian staff to solve real-world challenges in all areas of IT, including:

  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Enterprise Application Services
  • Test & Evaluation (T&E)
  • Cyber Security
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Requirements Development & Analysis
  • System and Data Migration

This opportunity has the potential of resulting in a full-time position with a company on the VA contract. It is also available for taking at any one of their 2000+ VA facilities around the US. 

And one of the best parts: No relocation required thanks to their many facilities! 

Ready to take the leap? Click here to apply now and to be considered for any of the potential job openings they will have now and in the future.

A Special Message for Veterans

Although this opportunity isn’t only for veterans, we’ve strategically partnered with LeoRose Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton to honor our veterans. Both are prominent IT service providers to our national defense, civil, and intelligence communities. With COVID-19, the ChooseVA reorganization effort, and the ever-present challenges associated with serving those who have served – now is a great time to be at the VA.

Though we believe anyone can succeed in IT if they have the grit and passion for it, veterans are particularly apt to excel in such an opportunity as this.  

IT and cybersecurity are natural next steps if you’re looking to change course out of the military or looking for a stable career you’ll be happy in. Take a moment to listen to what former marine Marcus Mapes had to say about his NexGenT decision.


NexGenT was founded by two Air Force veterans who trained thousands of personnel to be job-ready in only a couple of months. We bring that same military-style training philosophy and get our students job-ready in an expedited fashion without any B.S.

We believe that veterans are some of the best kinds of people for IT work: they know the importance of diligence, teamwork, and the weight of responsibility. They have experience in all three of those areas and then some.

How to Apply

Positions are OPEN NOW for 2000+ VA facilities across the US! 

If you are not a NexGenT student or alumni, you may still apply for this opportunity if you have at least a few years of IT work experience or education. Candidates interested in being considered for any existing and future opportunities are encouraged to apply for the program by submitting a simple application and updated resume using this application link.

Note – please tailor your resume to an IT or cybersecurity role. Please include any relevant certifications you possess and include the month and year that you began and departed each position in the work experience section of the resume. If you are a student and need quick pointers or IT resume templates to help revise your resume, then please use NexGenT’s Career Service website here.

If you have any specific questions or if you would like to learn more about the program, you may reach out to Samantha Stuber, NexGenT Head of Career Services at

Ready to take the leap? APPLY NOW  



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