FSNE: LANs and Switching (CCNA)


This module is all about switching and making sure you understand core switching knowledge such as Ethernet, Spanning Tree Protocol, VLANs, and Campus Network Design.




  • Welcome (1 min)
    • Welcome to the LAN Switching Fundamentals Module!
Ethernet - 62 minutes


  • Ethernet Overview and History (15 min)
    • Let’s dive into the history of Ethernet – the biggest and baddest player in Layer 2 networking.
  • Ethernet Segmentation (11 min)
    • What is an Ethernet Segment and what exactly is a bus? Let’s find out!
  • Common Cables Used with Ethernet (16 min)
    • Let’s look at the most common cables that are used with Ethernet.
  • Ethernet Naming Syntax (11 min)
    • Ethernet Syntax – we’ve got to understand it!
  • Real-World Ethernet Switch (9 min)
    • Let’s really get a grasp on Ethernet now by looking at real world Ethernet switching!
Switching Concepts - 68 minutes


  • Lab: Speed and Duplex (9 min)
    • Speed and Duplex mismatches are a common problem out in the field and usually leave people scratching their heads – let’s check it out in a lab so we know what to expect!
  • Lab: Configure Basic Switching (16 min)
    • Here we get to check out a lab where we look into switching components such as the MAC address table.
  • Broadcast Domains (23 min)
    • And now, let’s learn what a Broadcast Domain is!
  • Spanning-Tree Protocol (15 min)
    • STP – the one and only Spanning Tree Protocol. Well, there’s been a few different versions, but you get the point!
  • Lab: Spanning-Tree Protocol (15 min)
    • There’s always room for a Spanning Tree lab!
VLANs - 102 minutes


  • Introduction to VLANs (9 min)
    • VLANs – One of the most important concepts to grasp as an up and coming network engineer!
  • Creating VLANs (22 min)
    • Creating VLANs is easy!
  • VLAN Trunking (18 min)
    • How do we pass traffic for multiple VLANs from one switch to another? Oh, that’s right, with Trunks!
  • Dynamic Trunking Protocol (11 min)
    • Dynamic Trunking Protocol – what it be? Let’s find out!
  • Voice VLAN (14 min)
    • The Voice VLAN is a special VLAN indeed – we must prioritize it over other traffic.
  • Native VLAN (7 min)
    • Many folks misunderstand the Native VLAN, however, you will not.
  • Native VLAN (21 min)
    • This lab will help us practice configuring a multi-vlan environment.
EtherChannel - 62 minutes


  • EtherChannel (33 min)
    • Spanning-tree protocol will not block any ports on redundant physical connections between two switches if you have them configured as an etherchannel.
  • Lab: EtherChannel (29 min)
    • Let’s learn how to configure an etherchannel in three different ways.
LAN Design - 16 minutes


  • Campus LAN Topologies (3 min)
    • Here we will cover just a few simple topologies that we use in Cisco LAN design.
  • Campus Network Design (13 min)
    • Access layer, distribution layer, core layer – campus networking is awesome.
Wireless LANs - 100 minutes


  • Wireless LANs (3 min)
    • Let’s make sure we have down the basics of 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks.
  • Wireless Installation (12 min)
  • Wireless Transmission (12 min)
    • This lesson will describe how digital 1’s and 0’s are transmitted using radio waves.
  • WLAN Security (19 min)
    • Let’s find out the most secure ways to implement a wireless network.
  • Lab – Configure Basic Wireless on a Wireless Router (30 min)
    • This lesson will cover basic wireless configuration using a wireless router.
  • Lab – WLAN Configuration Using a WLC (23 min)
    • 802.1x can be used for authentication in an enterprise environment.


Guidance and Motivation


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