FSNE: IP Routing in LANs & WANs


In this module we will break down routing in greater detail and begin to understand exactly how routers route. We will cover topics and labs related to static routing, dynamic routing, routing protocols, and core routing concepts.


  • Welcome (1 min)
    • Welcome to the IP Routing in LANs & WANs Module!
Routing - 55 minutes
  • How Routers Route(11 min)
    • Let’s dive into routing and start really learning how routers route.
  • Lab: Configuring IPs on a Router (11 min)
    • The purpose of this lab is to make sure you know how to configure IP addresses on a router. Once IP addresses are configured the router can then start routing traffic to directly connected networks. Remember you can use the \”show ip route\” command to view the routing table and see routing entries after IP addresses are assigned or routes are entered into the router.
  • Static Routing (7 min)
    • We can statically set a route on a router to manually tell it how to route packets. Let’s find out how it’s done!
  • Lab: Static Routing (13 min)
    • In this lab we will configure static routes!
  • Dynamic Routing (13 min)
    • Dynamic Routing is equally as important as Static Routing, although it can be a little more involved. Let’s start breaking it down!
Routing Protocols - 104 minutes
  • RIP (4 min)
    • We will dive into RIP as our first routing protocol to understand and configure. Starting with RIP helps to create a better understanding of routing protocols before moving on to the more advanced ones.
  • Lab: RIPv2 (18 min)
    • And now let’s really learn how routing protocols work by configuring RIP version 2 in a lab!
  • Lab: Advanced RIP (29 min)
    • Let’s take it a step further and look into some of the more advanced aspects of routing with RIPv2.
  • EIGRP (19 min)
    • EIGRP was a Cisco proprietary routing protocol, but was released as an open standard in 2013.
  • OSPF (6 min)
    • Open Shortest Path First…. Hmmm, sounds like a routing protocol that knows what it’s doing!
  • BGP (8 min)
    • Border Gateway Protocol – it’s the routing protocol of the interwebz!
  • Routing Loops (15 min)
    • Routing loops, we can’t live with ’em and we can’t live without ’em. Let’s learn exactly what routing loops are once and for all.
  • Administrative Distance (5 min)
    • Administrative Distance is a number that identifies the \”Trustworthiness\” of a route. What does that really mean? Well, let’s find out!
Core Routing Concepts - 99 minutes
  • First Hop Redundancy (8 min)
    • Such a cool technology, Let’s learn how First Hop Redundancy provides us with IP gatewat failover.
  • Access Control Lists (32 min)
    • Access Lists have many uses and protect our networks and connections – let’s dive into this important topic!
  • Lab: Access Control Lists (36 min)
    • How about a lab on ACLs?
  • Network Address Translation (11 min)
    • NAT is one of the biggest topics in networking – let’s learn all about how to translate addresses!
  • Lab: NAT/PAT for Internet Access (12 min)
    • Now, let’s do a lab and configure Network Address Translation for use with Internet Access. We will also be configuring Access-Control Lists here as well. For the NAT process an ACL is used to reference which internal networks we want to do NAT for – so here’s that ACL use case you’ve been waiting for 🙂


Guidance and Motivation


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